My Plant Collection

Hi. I’m Callie and I’m obsessed with buying plants.

Not sure how it all began but one day I started buying them and now I can’t stop (much to Sam’s distress might I add). If I’m totally honest, I’m no plant expert and still haven’t ~completely~ figured out how to keep them all alive, but for the most part I think I’m doing a pretty good job. It can be hard to keep track of what needs watering when, am I right?

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There are many benefits to incorporating Houseplants into your space. As an Interior Stylist, I find first and foremost that plants just look great. They are a quick way to add some life into your home, and can be a clever tool in filling those little spaces you’re not quite sure what to do with.

So what else are they good for? Well… the list is endless. If you have the space then being able to grow your own produce is a real win. I’ve always wanted a little shelf in the kitchen where I can grow my own herbs… hopefully one day. They have been linked with relaxation and productivity, so are ~perfect~ for either office or studio space where you need to concentrate or alternatively in the bedroom to help you switch off and relax. They have the ability to humidify the air, making you less likely to catch illness, are just all round great for general wellbeing, and on top of all that, they clean the air! I mean… if that alone doesn’t convince you to go out and get yourself a plant I don’t know what will.

So here’s a round up of my ever-growing collection (yes, pun very much intended) and a little bit of info about each one that might help you on your plant journey.


One of my favourites purely for it’s unique leaves. The Pilea Peperomioides (otherwise known as a Chinese money plant) likes indirect light. Leave time for the soil to dry out in-between watering.

Top tip: Rotate the pot every few days to make sure that it grows evenly as the leaves grow towards the light.

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A classic climbing plant that works indoors and outdoors. Ivy prefers evenly moist soil, so a little bit of water often. This is my second one of these guys and I’m trying desperately to keep him alive.

Callie Pettigrew Plant Collection Home 1


This is Long boy (don’t ask) AKA Sam’s pride and joy and the only plant he pays any attention to. When we bought this guy from the local garden centre he was about 50cm tall and has since doubled in size and continues to grow, especially in the summer months. He rarely needs watering… roughly every 2-3 weeks and loves direct sunlight. We definitely need to repot him ASAP to give him some more room.

We also have a selection of other small Cacti. They are ~seriously~ low maintenance so definitely a good place to start if you’re thinking of bringing some plants into your space but don’t know where to start or aren’t sure if you have the time to commit to them.

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Monstera Deliciosa (AKA SWISS CHEESE PLANT)

A houseplant favourite. I actually got a discount on this in Homebase as it seemed to be dying, but have since managed to bring it back to life.

Monstera’s have large beautiful leaves which like a bit of sunlight but don’t like to be left in continuous direct light. Water regularly but Monstera’s grows best when the soil dries up between waterings. Like many others in this list it’s leaves like to be washed with a damp cloth too. Ours has a moss pole to help it stand upright but this isn’t necessary.

Callie Pettigrew Plant Collection Home 12


This is one of my favourites, and one I’ve known I wanted in my collection for ages. Named after it’s resemblance to a beaded necklace, it’s beads grow on strings so it is best displayed hung up. These love bright light and require very little care, needing very little watering. Water thoroughly and let this drain through and then leave it alone for a couple of weeks before repeating.

These are seriously easy to propagate. All you have to do is take a small cutting and replant in new soil. Why not see if any of your friends has one and ask them for a cutting.

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Palms are particularly versatile plants that look great in a range of spaces, and are really easy to look after. Water about once a week when the soil is dry to the touch and keep out of direct sunlight. These can grow to be really large, but can also be contained by keeping in a small pot if you’d prefer, and bring a really tropical vibe to your interiors.

Callie Pettigrew Plant Collection Home 4

Spider Plant

SO easy to care for, requires indirect sunlight and occasional watering. Spider plants are also great for eliminating dust in the air, so for someone like me who is prone to allergies and very sensitive to a dusty flat, they’re perfect. The leaves absorb the dust creating a cleaner space… something I can definitely get on board with.

Callie Pettigrew Plant Collection Home 16

Ficus elastica

The most recent addition to my collection is this gorgeous rubber plant. I bought it from IKEA for £8.50 which is an absolute steal and I’m obsessed with how it looks. I’m still learning about this one but from what I’ve read it likes a bright room with moderate watering/misting. The leaves also need to be wiped down regularly as dust can block the plants pores.

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Similar to the Ficus, this Alocasia Amazonica has rubber-like leaves which like to be wiped down and misted. It’s leaves, nicknamed ‘Elephant’s Ears’ are large and fan-like, originated in rainforests with common sudden downpour and have a really vintage vibe. Keep out of direct sunlight and don’t overwater as these plants are susceptible to root-rot.

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So there you have it! My current plant collection. Hopefully this helps you somewhat whether you’re buying your first plant, or deciding what to add to your collection next. Let me know what your favourite houseplant is in the comments.

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